It couldn’t be easier for you to order reliable precious gems from us. One click takes you to the homepage, where you can select the type of gemstone(s) you would like to purchase and let us know the amount, shape, size and grade you wish to order. We then strive to ensure that you will receive delivery within 3 weeks after we receive your order and payment

Paul-Beijing China

There is no need to worry. We strive to bring our customers peace of mind. Our supply department manages each order, from single stones to bulk orders, with meticulous attention to detail. The sheer volume of repeat orders that we receive is a testament to the customer satisfaction with the high quality we deliver. Your order instructions as to grade and quality will be followed scrupulously. If you’re still feeling cautious, which only shows what a good businessperson you are, why not make a small trial order? When you experience our excellent service, we’re confident that you’ll raise the quantity you order from richblu.

Andre-Buenos Aires Argentina

Our supply chain is so secure that we are happy to accept any size of order. We want our regular customers to feel confident that richblu can meet your requirements, whether you want our excellent sapphires, our fine emeralds, or our choice rubies. Please go ahead and order as much as you need and as often as you require. We are delighted to be of service to you. We aim to build a strong relationship of trust with all our customers, large and small.

Terry-Arizona USA

We use FedEx, DHL, UPS, Brinks, Ferrari, Malca-Amit, G4S, and other leading delivery specialists to ship our customers’ orders. The choice in each case depends on convenience. We are happy to follow any special instructions you give us, if you have a particular preference about shipping which will make the delivery to you go more smoothly.

Marc-Paris France

richblu is an established business with a combined experience of 150 years in gem mining, manufacturing, sorting, cutting and polishing. Our sales, marketing and shipping teams have acquired considerable expertise over the years and our focus as a business is to build a worldwide reputation as an impeccably trustworthy supplier of precious sapphires, rubies and emeralds. We aim to serve not only existing customers, but to grow through extending that same quality of service and professionalism to new and potential consumers. We are confident that, having once tried our excellent service, you will want to return to us for your next purchase. We aim to secure all our customers as repeat buyers by offering a premium quality, reliable and trustworthy service. We are committed to providing the highest quality goods in the gemstone industry at fair prices to all our customers. Contact us at any time during the transaction as we will follow your order every step of the way. We take every step to ensure that you receive maximum value for money and we will not rest until your precious gemstone reaches you.

Greg-Queensland Australia

richblu’s core business is producing calibrated precious gemstones. We can provide you with stunning blue, white, pink, yellow and orange sapphires, gorgeous rubies and beautiful emeralds. We have a full range of calibrated shapes including oval, pear, square, round, and marquise, etc. in all sizes. Whatever your gemstone needs, rely on richblu to meet them.

Harry-Quebec Canada

Our stunning sapphires come from mines located in China, Vietnam, Australia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Madagascar, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Nigeria. We source our fine rubies come from mines located in Myanmar, Mozambique, and Vietnam. Our select emeralds come from mines located in Brazil, Zambia, and Columbia.

Sam-Arusha Tanzania

richblu is currently setting up a division for the rough mining & sourcing of large gems. Keep an eye on our website as in the near future we’ll be starting a new investor section which will include natural heated and unheated single pieces from 1 carat and above in sizes going up to 100 carats.

Saito San-Tokyo Japan

richblu thanks all its customers for their loyal support. We receive regular feedback that some of you want us to start supplying you with diamonds. Our team is working on this right now and we hope to finalize our position after thoroughly investigating future sources of diamond rough supply mining. We need to ensure that our supply of diamonds keeps up the quality standards we promise. As soon as we have located reliable, quality supplies, we will announce it to our customers.

Lev-Kimberley South Africa

Of course. We are happy to process orders from anywhere in the world and will follow your instructions as to delivery to any destination.

Ivan-Ekaterinburg Russia

We certainly do. Because richblu, with its collective 150 years’ experience in the gem business, has its own set up for every stage of gem processing, from mining to customer delivery, we can offer you factory prices. You can be sure that every stage of the process is done by highly skilled craftsmen, and it’s all overseen by our experienced managers. Our corporate slogan is, “Value for money; peace of mind.” By taking every step to ensure the highest quality at the lowest prices, we reach our aim of generating regular repeat orders from happy customers.

Donald-New York The United States of America

You have nothing to worry about. You already know how reliable richblu is and how committed we are to providing quality goods at factory prices. Our supply department pays meticulous attention to each individual customer order. For regular orders, richblu takes extra steps to ensure timely delivery. If you need to make a special bulk order, then richblu will hasten to expedite delivery and will inform you in advance of the delivery date, or the delivery date of part of the order if it needs to be divided into batches. We want to be a cooperative partner to all our customers, so if you have particular needs, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Teofilo-Belo Horizonte Brazil

richblu duly understands that some countries have strict customs clearance procedures. We follow these customs specifications so that you can conveniently clear your parcel from the customs department in your country.

Alexander-Moscow Russia