Gems Investment & Treasury

Over the last 30 years, the value of rare, precious gemstones — such as a 10 carats Natural Unheated Pigeon Blood Ruby or 30 carats Cornflower Blue Sapphire — has increased 30 times. This value hike was caused mainly by investors’ desire to find an alternative avenue of investment to secure wealth over a long period of time so as to pass to the next generation.


richblu Gems Investment & Treasury Section (GIT's) is the global authority on Gems Investment, providing various investors with the most accurate and up-to-date information about precious gems, their historical financial performance and most importantly, their future investment potential. richblu partners with high net worth individual investors, family offices, financial institutions and investment funds. richblu GIT’s also consults with non-for-profit organizations and offers educational seminars to the private sector.

The richblu GIT's has a clear purpose: to offer independent and unbiased education and knowledge about gem investment. The index price increase of precious gems (rubies, sapphires, diamonds, etc.) has been outpacing Dow Jones in last two decades.




The richblu GIT's provides services for the investment community as well as for non-for-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Gems Ownership

In the Gems acquisition aspects for investors to navigate are ensuring that they are buying the Gems which are flawless, natural, conflict Free & responsibly sourced. richblu Gems Investment & Treasury Section (GIT's), with our expansive network of mines consortium integrate together in 25 different countries bring to you Mines to Finish Precious gemstone. By acquiring gems investment from richblu investors and collectors can feel security, trust, safety and guarantee.

Gems Collection Management Services

Managing a gem collection and investment portfolio can be complex and challenging. From acquisition, valuation, transportation, storage, insurance, tax implications, exhibition, to eventual disposition, generational transfer, or philanthropy, there are many integral parts of owning such one-of-a-kind beauties.

Our GIT's is supported by a global network of leading independent service providers including storage facilities, transportation facilitators, insurance appraisers, and exhibition experts. This helps us provide collectors and investors alike with a reliable fiduciary service via our in-house customized inventory and tracking system. We provide the highest level of discretion, care, and efficiency as some of our more affluent clients prefer to remain anonymous.

We can also advise on the best way to maximize the value of your gem collection and investment portfolio by re-assessing and valuing it on a regular basis. We can help you decide on the best disposition and re-balancing methods available on the market, from auction houses and private transactions to public online trading platforms.

We are also working on gem re-financing by enabling your gem collection and investment portfolio to create further growth and enhance ROI while maintaining balanced risk and security.

Gem Sale & Disposition Service

richblu GIT's helps gem collectors and investors find the best route to market, and that means selling or disposing of their gems or gem collection. We significantly increase the net return to our gem collectors and investors, relative to traditional routes.

Private Consultation

By the end of 2020, there will be more than 20 million high net worth individuals (HNWIs). As global economies slow and traditional financial markets grow uncertain, HNWIs will be looking for innovative ways to safeguard their wealth and grow it on a long-term basis. Most HNWIs are turning to alternative investment like contemporary art, tech start-ups, digital currencies, nostalgia and novelty investments, and gems and jewelry. These investments are not only rare and real, but they are also passion-driven.

Gems and jewelry are among the most favored passion investments among HNWIs in the world. Buyers have proven to be the dominant force in global high-end jewelry auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Phillips, China Guardian, Beijing Poly, and more.

Family Offices

It is unknown how many family offices exist in the current market, but how can we know that their number increases daily? The answer is in the increase of HNWIs worldwide.

As the need for professional wealth management grows, HNWIs are looking for Multi-Family Offices (MFO) that will properly manage their assets and investments across a varied spectrum. They expect these offices to give them a competitive edge over their peers. Larger MFOs will have their own specialty offices to manage specific assets for their clients, such as art. Since these MFOs focus solely on their clients’ art investments, there is a gap in services focused on managing gems investment. In fact, no MFO offers this kind of dedicated and active management of precious gemstones to date.

That is where richblu GIT's comes in. We help family offices manage gem investment for their clients by designing a custom-tailored plan for them, suited to clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Financial Institutions & Investment Funds

Over the last 25-30 years, there have been many attempts by larger investment institutions to create an investment vehicle to invest directly or indirectly in the gems industry. Some have managed to do so via public mining companies, while others have achieved this by investing in public, brand name luxury companies.

There are funds that claim to have invested in real assets, but the majority of attempts have failed for one simple reason: the gem industry and the investment community want different things. The gem industry believes in discretion, while the investment community desires transparency.

richblu GIT's serves as a bridge between the two worlds. We help financial institutions and investment funds understand how the gem trading world works, showing them how to successfully invest in a real gem asset. We also facilitate the acquisition, deposition, and crucial evaluation of the asset.

Not For Profit Organizations

Over the years, NFPOs have attracted donations from donors and philanthropists, most prominently in the form of cash and real estate. With real assets now gaining increased value, NFPOs are seeking works of contemporary art, precious gems, and digital currencies. richblu GIT's helps NFPOs to attract more donations in the form of precious gems and also evaluates and appraises them correctly.

“We offer clarity and vision so that you can get the most out of your gems investment.”

richblu GIT's was born out of a need to inform and assist investors, who up until now have been gambling with their investment, due to a lack of verifiable information on the market.